Coins4Comfort 2016

Benefiting: Binkeez for Comfort
Apr 3
Hosted by:Binkeez for Comfort
April 3, 2016 at 8:00pm to
December 31, 2016 at 11:00pm
Goal: $3,500
$0 4

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This charitable giving program was created by Stacey Glinski in December of 2015 and inspired the journey of the Keller Family through childhood cancer.


Assignment: Plant seeds of love by  creating act{s} of love.

Homework: Each student “earns” 41¢ to contribute for their act of love. Your child can do a chore, search under couch cushions, do something kind, recycle cans, or share the coins from their own pockets.  Then write down on the Project worksheet, provided in the mission kits,  you tell us how each child earned this money. The goal in this will be for the students to see how planting a seed of love and kindness can grow to create love and kindness to affect their homes, school, group, community, and their world positively.

Love Giving Tree: Each student returns their act{s} of live and teacher or leader writes them down on leaves {provided in mission kit} and adds each leaf to the Giving Love Tree.  The students will see over time the seeds of love planted, bloom and grow into something beautiful for others.

Coins for Comfort at Vernon Middle Center Middle School Reflection: Stacey Glinski

In my three years at VCMS the sixth graders have done community projects in an effort to learn about the importance of casting a stone and making a difference in small ways. As a mom I consider these life lessons almost as important as the ones they learn in a text book. The Coins for Comfort project was born from a grateful place in my heart though I had no idea that this idea would turn into the beautiful project that it became. The students really made this project so successful and far surpassed the goals we had set for them. I am humbled to have been a part of this!

Each day I collected overflowing envelopes of coins and hurried home to tally them. I sat at my table in tears as I read all of the beautiful acts that had been performed in order to make donations. It warmed my heart to know that this idea was hitting home and becoming important to the students. Many of the students were pleased to feel that their parents were proud of them and continued carrying out little acts “just because” it helped at home. Every morning the students would inquire about our progress, genuinely interested in what we were accomplishing. Watching students peek out the door to see the daily total change, seeing them take ‘field trips’ to look at all the new acts of kindness, and being greeted by students that I hadn’t met yet meant so much to me because I could see how important this was to them. They believed in themselves, in their power to make a positive impact and I was honored to be able to see their beautiful hearts. The sixth grade staff and the administration were pleasantly surprised by the final total and proud of all the students. It was exciting to see their faces at the presentation assembly and I think the importance of that afternoon resonated with many of them. I certainly am proud of these students but I hope they are proud of themselves. They deserve to be proud; they did more than donate money and do kind acts, they loved…and that love has forever changed so much, including me!

What the Teachers had to say about impact on their students and them!

Karen L. Coins for Comfort (6th Grade Social Studies Teacher)

The “Coins for Comfort” project has made a positive impact on my students as well as myself. The kind words, selfless contributions, and empathy for these children were quite remarkable. This showed me another whole side of many of these students that I have never seen before…and a beautiful side at that. For the two weeks we ran the collection, each day they proudly brought in their slips of paper with their coins attached or for that matter their baggies full of change. They were very excited and couldn’t wait to see if we contributed enough money to have another blanket made. The entire project was heart-warming. Their one small act of kindness (helping at home) helped create a blanket, which helped other children feel safe and comfortable. These acts of kindness really hit home for my students. It made them feel good to be able to help others. The whole project was a complete win/win for everyone involved. By these lovely acts of kindness the ripple effect is still moving far and wide.

Linda R. (6th Grade Special Education Teacher)

I just wanted to write to tell you what an amazing job you did with the “Binkeez for Comfort” project! What a great way to combine awareness of community, small acts of kindness, and goal-oriented behaviors in sixth-graders.

The students were so motivated to participate, not only because they were contributing to such a worthy cause, but also because they saw how each act of kindness caused a ripple, which eventually created a wave of kindness. They were able to see first-hand how good it feels to make others feel good.

The culminating assembly was so heart-warming. The students got to see first-hand how their contributions would help a child in need, and they heard how helpful the blankets were to a family in crisis. It will be so special to see pictures of some of the kids who receive the blankets. That will make it even more real for these kids.

I hope you heard some of the comments as we were leaving the assembly. These are just some of the comments I heard from the students…

“I hope we can do this again.”

“I can’t believe we raised enough for that many blankets.”

“Did you see what we did?”

Your idea has sparked interest in the hearts and minds of sixth-graders who may never have thought of volunteering or contributing to a charitable organization before. That, in turn, will make them more kind and considerate human beings. That ripple will turn into a wave of kindness in our school and the surrounding community as these kids move forward. They will never forget what they have accomplished.

Thank you so much for organizing and following through on such a worthy cause. It is greatly appreciated.

What the 6th grade had to say about {creating love} for others through Coins4Comfort.

How I felt when the project was first introduced to me: I felt bad for the kids and I wanted to help, so I went home and asked my parents if I could do anything. I decided to clean up the basement and I got 1 dollar. I was so happy when I brought it in because I felt so included and helpful. When we held the assembly with the founders I was so happy because we reached way over our goal, and the expressions on their faces warmed my heart. – Rebecca

I think Binkeez was a cool experience about seeing other kids not doing so well and helping them through their struggle. And to teach them there they’re not alone in this battle and we’re encouraging them. I would want to see the smiles on their faces when they see the blankets. – Tariq

We raised money for Binkeez for Comfort by doing chores at home and put a smile on children’s faces who are suffering from diseases. I am very proud of myself and the community who helped collect money for Binkeez. – Siya

I feel that we really made a difference in people’s lives. In the teachers, kids, parents, and the people who work for Binkeez for Comfort. – Katelyn

When we were giving money for Binkeez I felt like I was helping kids with sickness and making them important to us and our school and that doing something small is still helpful in every way. – Miguel

I think it was awesome because we got to meet the founder of Binkeez for Comfort. – Damien

I think the Binkeez program was a great program to do at school. My favorite part was knowing we donated 24 blankets. – Abby

When we started the donating I didn’t really know was it was. So I just started doing chores. It was a lot of fun. When I finally found out more stuff about it and when I heard we made a blanket for someone I was just filled with joy. – James

I felt really good about helping others by donating money to help make someone’s life better. As my teacher once said, “Nothing will get better if you don’t help.” – Victoria

I love Binkeez!! We should do it all year round and hand it in every 2 months. – Stella

I liked Binkeez for Comfort and we should do it again. We all made 24 blankets! – Braedon

At first my thoughts about Binkeez for Comfort were that we could touch kids’ hearts, help kids. For the money I did everything I could because in my heart I think we should help anyone when we can. When we made such a big impact on the kids’ lives I felt like kids would have those blankets through thick and thin. I didn’t know we would see some of the kids who got our blankets. When I saw those kids so happy my heart melted. – Raziah

During Binkeez I felt happy. I felt happy because our goal was 3 blankets. We made 24. It is nice to know 24 kids know that people know what they’re going through. – Will

I loved the project and everyone helped out more and gave their money to help kids that needed blankets. – Brendan

When we heard about the Binkeez for Comfort project I really didn’t mind and I thought it was just donating money. But as the time went on I saw how important it was becoming to me. And at the assembly I felt proud of the entire 6th grade. – Joscelin

At the beginning of this project I thought it was “just another fundraiser” but as the project went on it felt more important cause we got to know who the blankets went to and I felt proud of what I did. To make the founder cry because of what we did was amazing. – Morgan

When I saw the Binkeez it got me so happy and I felt like crying! – Janalis

I felt very happy that we were able to help so many people out there in bad times. We made them smile when they got their blankets. I feel like now that other people will see what we have done, their hearts will be in the right place too. – Ella

Before I was really happy to help children. After I was crying because it felt amazing to help children out and to know where two of the blankets went. When we met Ms. Sue and Olivia’s mom I was crying happy tears because it felt amazing to help. – Aniyah

We should make MORE blankets for Binkeez by bringing in more money! – John

In the beginning I was like, “Puh! I’m not doing that!”, but then I saw a lot of kids brining in the 41 cents. When I heard where the money was going I brought in a total of $1.92. When I saw Olivia’s mom cry, I cried too! I really love donating now! – Taylor

Binkeez for Comfort is something that has changed the way I see people with disabilities. J I absolutely loved it! Now when I see someone with a disability I can understand what they’ve been through! – Kaylin

I felt when we started that it was “another” fundraiser. When I brought in money I felt that my heart started to grow a little bit. When Sue came I got emotional and I felt that I had changed someone’s life forever. I immediately thought of my Grammy. – Hannah

When we did Binkeez I felt happy because we can help people. –Cody

I felt proud of the sixth grade as a whole. – Gabe

I felt like I did a good thing when Binkeez for Comfort came to our school. – Jayden

It felt amazing. Knowing that I was doing something that made other kids feel good made me feel good also. – Alexsys

I felt that I was only donating a few cents but everyone together we raised so much and to see the blankets with the founders made me happy. I thought we only had 15 blankets but 24 blankets made me super happy J! – Brailey

I think Binkeez was nice and we should do it more often. – Mike P.

During the time we were doing Binkeez I felt proud of myself and what we did. I think we did something wonderful that can touch people’s hearts. I loved doing it! – Sarah

I really think we made a difference in people’s lives. – Anonymous

During the Binkeez project I felt happy because I gave money for an amazing cause and I would love to do it again! – Kaitlyn

I feel what the sixth grade did is very important, kind, and very caring. I feel important because of the kids we helped and the money we saved up. I feel caring because we gave kids that are sick blankets that came from the heart of sixth grade. – Leo

I thought in the beginning that it was “just a program” but in the end we accomplished a lot of money and I felt like we did something that helped others. It was an amazing and successful idea! – Anonymous

I felt good when we found out how much money we made for the kids that weren’t as healthy as us. And I hope they get better! – Anonymous

When Sue presented her speech I felt like I passed a goal in life and I felt proud. – Anonymous

I felt that it was a good idea and it is still a good idea to help. – Alyssa

In the beginning I thought it was an amazing idea. I felt like we accomplished out goal. I felt like I had accomplished one of the reasons I am here on Earth. – Adrianna

I felt proud to give money to children in need. – Jolina

I felt really good to participate in Coins for Comfort. – Alex

The first time I heard about Binkeez for Comfort I was very happy that we were doing this for people. Then I heard about how much money we put in and I was more happy. I felt like I was going to cry. The thing was all those 24 kids got those blankets and feel safe and now I feel really proud of myself for putting money in and I’m proud of everyone. When I saw the founder of Binkeez I felt famous. – Brooke-Lyn

When Ms. Sue came in and saw how much we did it felt so good to make some kids day and let them be warm. – Mia

I felt so amazed when I found out that we raised enough money for 24 blankets. I didn’t know we were going to raise that much in school. I thought maybe we would get 4. – Zoey

I felt honored when the owner of Binkeez for Comfort came to thank us for the 24 blankets we donated. – Aiden

It felt great bringing in the money and I am so happy I participated in this project. – Aleks

I am happy about everything especially when Ms. Sue came. I was surprised about how far we have gone with this project. What an accomplishment for the whole 6th grade! – Matt

When we started Binkeez I was so excited to make a difference in somebody’s life. During the project, when I went home I was originally going to donate $5.41. Then, when I woke up the next morning I added an extra $5.00. Finally, when Ms. Sue came in and said, “Thank You!” I cried happy tears the whole time. – Molly

When I heard we were doing the project I was so excited. One of the things on my bucket list was to help a charity. It makes me so happy to put a smile on a person’s face. I’ve achieved one of my dream goals. – Rebekah

At first I thought, “This will be a good fundraiser to help children with diseases”, but then I knew that we raised WAAAAY more than we expected. It will go a long, long way. – Dylan

When I heard about Binkeez it made me feel really sad because I complain about my life a lot and these children are going through life being sick and they’re not even complaining. I always complain about being home and Binkeez kids want to be home. I loved helping. – Amelia

When I heard of Binkeez for Comfort I realized that these children needed love and care more than most people. I was eager to donate and participate. During the event I grew happier for every coin that came into school, every blanket that was able to be made. When Ms. Sue came in I felt a feeling of love, care, and happiness. I was so happy I started to cry. I truly loved Binkeez for Comfort, from the bottom of my heart! – Natalie

I really enjoyed helping kids with illnesses that they have to fight. To all the kids fighting…keep fighting and please feel well. – Kelly

I enjoyed doing Binkeez for Comfort because we helped many others with diseases. – Mike G.

I enjoyed doing Binkeez because I liked having the satisfaction of helping others, especially children. – Amina

I thought we all did our part by putting money in and buying blankets for kids. It made me feel proud because we donated 24 blankets. Also, I was happy because of the faces of the kids who got blankets. Wow! – Millie


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